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23. September, 2016|Testimonials|Comments Off on Box It Humberside – Supporting Expansion of Document Farm

Advances in agriculture have forced major changes on farmers in recent years, with diversity the key for many as they try to find new uses for old space.

One of our clients still operates an arable farm at Brough but, having ended their livestock involvement, is now at the forefront of the rapidly-expanding document management sector.

Box-It Humberside opened in 1996 and specialises in storing, scanning, archiving and destroying sensitive and important documents. Looking after electronic documents is all part of the service, but the increasing demand over the years for storage of paper files in a secure, affordable and convenient location has supported the growth of Box-It.

Most of the storage units are former farm buildings which have been converted for their new role. Our involvement with Box-It started about five years ago with a one-off inspection job and has continued as we have helped the company with three expansion projects.

Someone else takes care of the structural work, such as putting a new roof on with insulation, and there’s also someone to install intruder alarms, smoke alarms and dehumidifiers to keep the papers dry.

Our role is to put in the power to make sure all these things work properly, and we also do a lot of work on the lighting. Typically a former farm warehouse will have just a couple of floodlights, but we provide and connect a system which lights up all the aisles and racking full of documents and which also supports the emergency lighting system.

John Redhead, Site Manager and Regional Director for Box-It, said: “I can’t recall ever having had any problems with Merlx. They have an emergency call-out service but we’ve never needed it.

An electrical failure would have all kinds of implications for us. The records are stored on computers so we wouldn’t be able to access them and the lighting is essential because it’s not practical to go searching for documents using a torch!

We’ve always been very happy with the work that Merlx have done for us. They are very reliable and we are now talking to them about the next project.”