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1. February, 2016|Testimonials|Comments Off on Smith & Nephew and Delpro

Delpro, based in Glossop, brought us in to work on a perforating machine which they had supplied to Smith & Nephew in Hull. Smith & Nephew recommended us because we had worked on their site before.

The machine is used to put perforations in medical dressings to allow a wound to breathe. We had to disconnect the machine because they wanted to move it to China.

There were two identical machines, each with more than 1,000 cables. We did one last year and one the year before. They had to be removed from Hull and then installed in China. Delpro organised the transport.

I went out to China to install the machines, working with the Chinese engineers. I was there for 10 days for each machine. The project involved a great deal of attention to detail to make sure everything progressed smoothly.

We have installed other equipment at Smith & Nephew for Delpro, who manufacture a lot of machinery and need sub-contractors who are reliable. We showed them what needed to be done and that helped them set the timetable for the job. By getting involved in the project as early as possible we can help them plan the job and prevent problems.